Custom Handmade Knives

Artisanal Knives specializes in handmade knives for collectors, chefs, and those who appreciate the very best in specialty-use cutting tools. On average our custom knives take a minimum of two man weeks to make. We use a variety of metals artisanal1and alloys, so that our knives have durability, strength, edge holding longevity, and beauty. The majority of our knives are in Damascus, a technique developed over a thousand years ago where metals are heated, mixed/folded/welded, and hammered into hundreds of layers of metal to produce a distinctive pattern in the finished product.

We work with our own knife masters (and other international masters) to bring the finest custom knives to our clients. All of our products are made under the strictest quality control, and the metals and techniques used are tested by an internationally recognized organization.


We have been crafting fine quality knives for over 30 years. Our knives are owned by collectors, the world's best chefs (those "Iron", professional, and at home), and discerning grill masters. We endeavor to bring fair prices, functionality, and beauty to our high quality knives.

Our knife designs are inspired by utility of purpose. The short Gaucho film captures the fact that the knife has multi-purpose utility in life of the Argentine Cowboy. The facon, traditional Gaucho knife, is an extension of the arm used in eating and tending to livestock. The film showcases the knives and how they are worn in the tirador (belt).  

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