Featured Knife Masters

From time to time we will feature some of the knife masters that we work with from around the world. Check back frequently and be sure to subscribe to our blog and you be able to see the latest of these features.

Guillermo Mendoza

Guillermo Mendoza began to work the forge making knives when he was fifteen years old. In 2004 he became fascinated with the ancient skill of Damascus forging. Damascus steel is a combination of steels forge-welded to create a unique pattern by a folding technique. After a Damascus blade is finished, it is treated with acid to reveal the grain pattern of the forging and Guillermo_200x299px_SHADlayering process. Once a method for removing impurities for ancient sword and knife smiths, this technique allowed for stronger steel but is now largely used to enhance the beauty of a custom handmade knife.

Guillermo’s knives possess their own distinct look and feel. Common features of his knives include exotic sheaths, a slender bowie or facon blade shape, and a combination of decorative woods and elk/red deer antler. He makes hand-forged blades with excellent balance and comfortable ergonomic handles. Each piece is a work of art.

Guillermo lives in Buenos Aires. His hobbies are exploring and wilderness camping.

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