Knife Materials & Techniques

Our handmade knives are forged creations of distinction. The best knives need thoughtful design and an exceptional knife master. The design requires that the materials, blade size, the profile and edge geometry, the handle/scales, and the balance point are carefully crafted to produce a work of art. Owning a handmade knife, which can take 2 man weeks to craft is a joy to experience.

54_250x167ShadAll of our knives are made from hand forged new steel. We favor German and Japanese steel for our knives. We use 440 and 10 series (we prefer 1095 high carbon) steel in all of our knives. We often create our own designer steels in our forges. We make custom knives to the client’s specification. One of our clients even wanted a knife made from a 4 billion year meteor with mammoth scales.

Most of our knives are designed to serve a utility purpose. We make chef knives, steak/assado, and multi-use craft knives/implements as our standard product line. We make collector knives to client specification and for the marketplace. We never use raw materials, which harm nature and/or the environment. Every knife we make is an embodiment of our dedication to craftsmanship and beauty. The soul of the master is in every knife we make.

We specialize in Damascus. This technique has been handed down for hundred of years from the original wootz steel and technique. The principal difference from early Damascus knives and swords is the metal composition of the steel billets/ingots made in India or China. The early wootz was found to contain tungsten and vanadium. Our Damascus knives feature new 78_250x167Shadcompositions of metal, which produce more pronounced patterns and durability .

Our knife masters are material/structural engineers, metallurgists, designers/artists, and more importantly, profoundly dedicated to perfection when it comes to their knife art.

All of our knives are tested for quality of craftsmanship, durability,  and edge holding ability by a recognized international cutlery quality association.

Join the collectors, chefs, steak aficionados, and Gauchos who own our fine cutlery! 

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