Quality Knives

We specialize the highest quality knives, featuring high carbon Damascus and extreme tempered (hamon) collectors, chef, and special purpose handmade knives. Most of our knives are designed from shape to material by our founder, Gary Parker. 0056_250x167px_SHADAdditionally, we host specific knife masters, who exhibit an exceptional skill and quality. All commissioned knives are made with our raw material to our specifications.

The collector knives exhibited are made of new steel with unique designs in the traditional bowie, facon (Gaucho), and special purpose types. Our steak knives are made from 8A Austrian stain resistant steel: a high quality steel with strong rust-resistant properties.  Scale material is of exotic wood, horn/antler, or ancient tusk ivory.

Our chef knives are influenced by the traditional Japanese gyutou, santoku, and yanagi shapes. The gyutou is essentially the same as the Western style chef knife, and the santoku and yanagi are single-edged blades (hollow ground) to create an overall sharper edge for slicing. The latter two designs can be made for right or left-handed chefs (left-handed knives are special orders). Most of our Chef knives are made in Damascus from new high carbon from Germany or Japan. These high quality knives have the distinctive chef scales in exotic wood or linen micarta trimmed in red and gold.

We have a significant inventory of handmade knives. The following pictures are intended for illustration of our offerings and sale. If you have a design in mind the handmade process takes a minimum of two man weeks after final design and material selection.

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